World War II

Unit 4 Chapter 12 America and World War II 1939-1945 Lesson Plan

AH8:8 Students will identify the people and events of World War II, describe their effect and decide how they changed the role of the United States in world events.

TIME – LIFE World War II Archive
The War PBS
The Battle of the Atlantic Game

AH8:8-1 identify the changes in world politics and political leadership during the 1930’s

American Isolationism in the 1930s
Picturing the 30s

AH8:8-2 identify the causes of WWII

BrainPOP:  Causes of WWII

AH8:8-3 explain how the US changed from a policy of isolation to involvement in WWII

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor Interactive Timeline
U.S. Entry into WWII

AH8:8-4 describe how the Allies defeated the Axis Powers

AH8:8-5 describe the policies that led to the Holocaust, the events of the Holocaust and the reaction of the world to the Holocaust

The Holocaust

AH8:8-6 evaluate the changes in US policy and in the world as a result of the Holocaust

The Holocaust on Trial


World War II – Kids Social Studies Videos
World War II in Color


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Chapter 12: America and World War II

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