World War I

Unit 3 Chapter 9 World War I 1914-1919 Lesson Plan

AH8:6 Students will identify the events and people of World War I and explain how that war changed the world.

War, Prosperity, and Depression
Video:  WWI American Legacy
Video:  World War I in Color and HD

AH8:6-1 identify and evaluate the causes of World War I

The Great War (PBS)

AH8:6-2 explain how WWI was a new type of war in regards to weapons and tactics

New Weapons

AH8:6-3 explain the importance of the US entry into WWI

American Entry into World War I, 1917

AH8:6-4 describe the outcomes of WWI and analyze the impact of the Treaty of Versailles on the future of the world

Treaty of Versailles


Trench Warfare Game

World War When?


World War I – Kids Social Studies Videos


HippoCampus U.S. History II

The American Journey Modern Times © 2009

Chapter 9: World War I

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World War I Articles

How a century-old war affects you (series of articles…this is a link to Part 1)

How World War I gave us ‘cooties’ (Part 2)

The ‘bionic men’ of World War I (Part 3)

ISIS caliphate shows still no end to WWI (Part 4)

The mighty women of World War I (Part 5)

How toxic weapons killed 90,000 (Part 6)

After war atrocities, who must pay? (Part 7)

World War I’s broken promise (Part 8)

How World War I gave birth to the modern (Part 9)

In 2014, countries are still paying offf debt from World War One

Where Americans Turned the Tide in World War I

This Week in World War I, Nov. 1-7, 1914