Reshaping the Nation

Unit 2 Chapter 4 Opening the West 1858-1896 Lesson Plan

AH8:3 Students will describe the events of the Westward Movement and explain how it changed the United States.

Westward Expansion and Regional Differences
The West (PBS)
The Great American West (Video)

AH8:3-1 describe the stages of Western settlement

Western Settlement
Strike it Rich (Game)

AH8:3-2 describe the role of farmers in the settlement of the West

A History of American Agriculture

AH8:3-3 compare the way pioneers lived on the Great Plains to the lives of those on the East Coast of the United States

The Great Plains:  A Harsh Welcome to Settlers (Lesson Plan)

AH8:3-4 assess the significance of the transcontinental railroad on western settlement

Transcontinental Railroad (PBS)

AH8:3-5 describe the culture of Plains Indians

Homeland (PBS)

AH8:3-6 outline the conflict between White and Native American cultures and the impact that has had on both groups

Conflict in the West


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Unit 2: Reshaping the Nation

In this Unit:

Chapter 4: Opening the West

Chapter 5: The Industrial Age

Chapter 6: An Urban Society