The Jazz Age and The Great Depression

Unit 4 Chapter 10 & 11 The Jazz Age & The Depression 1920-1939 Lesson Plan

AH8:7 Students will describe and evaluate the significance of the changes brought about during the 1920’s and the Great Depression.

The Jazz Age
The New Deal and World War II

AH8:7-1 describe the political changes of the 1920’s

Politics in the 1920s
Women’s Suffrage

AH8:7-2 describe the social changes of the 1920’s

Roaring Twenties

AH8:7-3 describe the economic changes of the 1920’s

The U.S. Economy in the 1920s

AH8:7-4 analyze why and how the stock market crash occurred and its effect on the US and the world

Stock Market Crash 1929

AH8:7-5 describe life in the United States during the Great Depression

The Great Depression
A Timeline of the Great Depression
Life During the Great Depression
1930s & 1940s Photography in Color
The Great Depression Lesson Plans

AH8:7-6 identify the programs set up during the New Deal and analyze their effect on dealing with the Great Depression

The New Deal – Primary Source Set


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Unit 4: Change and Conflict

In this Unit:

Chapter 10: The Jazz Age

Chapter 11: The Depression and the New Deal