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What are my Learning Strengths (.pdf)
Multiple Intelligences Product Grid

History Resources

The American Journey Modern Times
Country Background Notes
CIA World Factbook
Outline of U.S. History (Online Textbook)
Freedom a History of US (PBS)
Explore America
Outline of U.S. History 2005
Outline of U.S. History 2011
U.S. History in Brief
Outline of U.S. Government
American Citizenship
Pop Culture vs. Reality 2010
Pop Culture vs. Reality 2013
Open Textbooks

Textbook Resources

American Journey Modern Times Textbook Download Link (Windows ONLY)
American Journey Modern Times Textbook Download Link (Mac ONLY)


Games on History
History Games and Animations
United States History Map
This Day in History
Mission US
Virtual Congress
Playing History American History Links


HippoCampus U.S. History I
HippoCampus U.S. History II

EASE History

Statistics and Data Resources

Stat Planet
KML Factbook
Many Eyes
Data First
2011 in 11 Graphs
The Joy of Stats Video 200 Countries, 200 Years in 4 minutes
Google Think Insights
Google Public Data Finder
U.S. Census Data
Find The Best
Policy Map
Where Americans are Moving