Postwar America and The Present Day

Unit 5 Chapter 13 The Cold War Era 1945-1960 Lesson Plan

Unit 5 Chapter 14 The Civil Rights Era 1954-1974 Lesson Plan

Unit 5 Chapter 15 The Vietnam Era 1960-1975 Lesson Plan

Unit 6 Chapter 16 America in the 1970s 1968-1981 Lesson Plan

Unit 6 Chapter 17 New Challenges 1981-Present Lesson Plan

AH8:9 Students will identify the major events of post war America and explain how they have changed how we live up to the present day.

Postwar America
Decades of Change – 1960-1980
The New Conservatism and a New World Order
Bridge to the 21st Century

AH8:9-1 describe the relationship between the US and the Soviet Union that caused the Cold War

The Cold War Museum
The Atomic Cafe

AH8:9-2 explain the reasons for the Cuban Missile Crisis and how that crisis was solved

The National Security Archive: The Cuban Missile Crisis
JFK Presidential Library:  The Cuban Missile Crisis

AH8:9-3 explain the causes, events and effects of the Korean War

Truman Museum and Library:  The Korean War

AH8:9-4 explain the causes, events and effects of the Vietnam War

Battlefield Vietnam (PBS)

AH8:9-5 describe how and why the Cold War came to an end

End of the Cold War

AH8:9-6 explain the reasons for the Modern Civil Rights Movement

Stand up for Your Rights
Eyes on the Prize (PBS)

AH8:9-7 identify the major people and practices of the Modern Civil Rights Movement and judge their impact of the American culture

Civil Rights Leaders
Freedom Riders (PBS)

AH8:9-8 identify the events of the 1960’s and explain their impact of the culture of the US


AH8:9-9 describe the major people and events from 1970 to the present

Iran Hostage Crisis

AH8:9-10 evaluate how the events of recent years affects the lives of American citizens today

Recent History (BBC)


Cold War – Kids Social Studies Videos
Civil Rights Movement – Kids Social Studies Videos


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Unit 5: Challenges at Home and Abroad

In this Unit:

Chapter 13: The Cold War Era

Chapter 14: The Civil Rights Era

Chapter 15: The Vietnam Era

Unit 6: America in a Modern Era

In this Unit:

Chapter 16: America in the 1970s

Chapter 17: New Challenges