Movie Trailer Project


First (Tuesday Nov. 10th), you need to choose a topic for your Movie Trailer project (see ideas below…).  If you have another idea that is not listed let me know right away so it can be approved…

Topic Ideas

Chapter 3
Lincoln’s Assassination
African American Men Right to Vote (15th Amendment)
Jim Crow Laws
Impeaching President Andrew Johnson

Chapter 4
Mining Boom
Transcontinental Railroad
Cattle Kingdom
Native Americans
Battle of Little Bighorn
Wounded Knee
Populist Party

Chapter 5
Light bulb
Vacuum Cleaner
Model T
Oil Industry – John D. Rockefeller
Steel Industry – Andrew Carnegie
Carnegie Libraries
Labor Unions (shorter hours, safer working conditions, higher wages, etc.)

Chapter 6
Statue of Liberty
Ellis and Angel Island
Nativist Movement
Gilded Age
Spectator Sports (baseball, football, basketball)
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
Entertainment (vaudeville, nickelodeons, movies)

Chapter 7
Political Machines (Bosses)
New Woman
Suffrage (19th Amendment)
Prohibition (18th Amendment)
Theodore Roosevelt (Bull Moose Party)
Ku Klux Klan


Movie Trailer Project Rubric

Second (Tuesday Nov. 10th), create a storyboard for your Movie Trailer. You will need at least 6 pictures to create a 30 second trailer and 12 for a 60 second trailer. Try to keep your trailer between 30-60 seconds.

Storyboard Handout

Create a folder in your N Drive called Movie Trailer to save all of your items you will need for your project. You will drag this folder to your desktop at the beginning of each class period to work on your project and drag it back into your N Drive at the end of each class to REPLACE your old file and save the project for the next day. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS, YOU WILL LOSE CHANGES TO YOUR PROJECT OR THE ENTIRE PROJECT, AND YOU WILL HAVE TO START OVER!!!

Third (Wednesday Nov. 11th), utilize the Internet Explorer browser while searching for your Movie Trailer items. Use Google Images to search for and choose your pictures. When the pictures come up I would suggest choosing the Search Tools and choose Large in the Size menu. These pictures will show up much better in your trailer. Click on a particular image, then click View Image to see the full size picture. Right click on the image and Save Picture As to your Movie Trailer folder you created in your N Drive. Do this for each picture you want for your project.

Fourth (Wednesday Nov. 11th), choose the background music you will use for your trailer…Right click on the music link and Save Target As to your Movie Trailer folder you created in your N Drive.

Fifth (Wednesday Nov. 11th), choose the narration clips you will use for your specific pictures in your trailer…Right click on the narration link and Save Target As to your Movie Trailer folder you created in your N Drive. Do this for each narration you want for your project.

Movie Trailer Voices & Music

Sixth (Thursday & Friday Nov. 12th & 13th), use Movie Maker on a netbook to import your pictures, add music, and add narrations to your pictures to create your Movie Trailer. Remember to SAVE your project to your Movie Trailer folder on a regular basis so you don’t lose your project if the netbook freezes up!!! Also, remember to drag your Movie Trailer folder out of your N Drive at the beginning of each class and drag it back to replace your old file at the end of class each day!

Movie Maker Tips…

Add Photos (choose the files from your Movie Maker folder to bring into your trailer)

Add Music (click on the first picture in your trailer and then choose file from your Movie Maker folder)

Narration (choose a picture and then click the arrow by Record Narration and choose Add Sound – choose files for each picture you want to have narration)

Captions -> Click on a picture and choose Add Caption if you would like

Animations -> Click on a picture and choose the animations you would like

Saving… To save your project you will save to your Movie Trailer folder…Once you are finished with your project you will choose Save Movie and For Computer for your “final draft.” Save your “final draft” in your Movie Maker folder. This is the file that you will “hand in” for your final grade.

Finally (Friday Nov. 13th), finish your movie trailer, save project as a movie for playback on a computer (save the file in your N Drive as your lastname_core_project – example = hokanson_core1_project)

Example 1

Example 2