Infographic Project

World War II Infographic Project

Students will create an infographic on a WWII topic, share with the class (present), and publish to the internet. The directions to create this project are as follows…

  1. RESEARCH: Students will be selected randomly to choose a topic from a list and begin to research on the internet for information that can be placed on an infographic to inform others about the topic. Use the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” approach to gather your data. Numbers, years, and other data will be very useful to present on an infographic. Keep track of your information for future reference and save your reference links so you can refer to and include them at the bottom of your infographic later.
  2. CREATE:
    -Download an infographics template from and choose the one that will fit your information.
    -Drag the template into your Google DRIVE folder, open it and then open it again as a Google SLIDE project.
    -Rename the file as your “last name_topic_infographic_core #” – share it with Mr. Hokanson, and then enter your information into the infographic.
    -Take time to analyze where the information will best fit in order to get your topic across to others.
    -Include your first name only and core somewhere on your infographic along with links to where you obtained your research information.
  3. EDIT: Edit your infographic by checking spelling, layout, etc. before you submit as a final draft. Have several other people view your infographic to check for errors, etc. Make sure to include your reference links somewhere on your infographic in small font.
  4. FINALIZE: Once you complete the final draft of your infographic, make sure you have shared it with Mr. Hokanson (with edit rights) so it can be published to the web.

PRESENTATION: You will present your infographic to the class; so, you need to practice utilizing your information to explain your topic to the class. During this presentation is when your infographic will be graded along with how you present to the class. The rubric for the project will be divided into Content = 50 points, Organization = 25 points, Sources – 5 points, and Presentation = 20 points – The final project will be worth 100 points.


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