Industrial Age

Unit 2 Chapters 5 & 6 The Industrial Age & Urban Society 1865-1914 Lesson Plan

AH8:4 Students will identify the people and events of the Industrial Age and explain their significance in the development of the United States.

Growth and Transformation
Discontent and Reform

AH8:4-1 identify the important inventions of US scientists such as Thomas Edison

Great Inventors of the Industrial Revolution

AH8:4-2 explain the work of industrialists such as Andrew Carnegie

Early American Industrialists

AH8:4-3 explain the reasons for immigration to the US and describe the immigrant experience

Stories of Yesterday and Today:  Immigration

Tenement Museum: Immigration Game

iCivics: Immigration Nation Game

AH8:4-4 describe the role of immigrants in US industrialization

Immigration and Industrialization

AH8:4-5 explain how the Industrial Revolution affected the economy of the United States


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Chapter 5: The Industrial Age

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