Early America – Government

Unit 1 Government Lesson Plan

AH8:2 Students will explain and compare the different forms of government, the branches of the United States Government and how they work together, as well as the roles of state, county and city governments.

Early America
The Colonial Period
The Road to Independence
The Formation of a National Government
American Government
A Promise of Freedom (Video)
Civics Online
Library of Congress:  Government, Politics, and Law

Annenberg Institute for Civics

AH8:2-1 describe the origins of democracy such as the Magna Carta and Mayflower Compact

History of Democracy
Constitution Facts (Game)
3 Branches of Government Activity
Interactive Constitution
The Redistricting Game
iCivics Games
Duties of the 3 Branches of Government Activity
Citizenship Test
Can you pass a citizenship test?

AH8:2-2 identify the offices, duties and responsibilities of the Legislative Branch

Legislative Branch
Branch-O-Mania (3 Branches Game)

AH8:2-3 identify the offices, duties and responsibilities of the Executive Branch

Executive Branch

AH8:2-4 identify the offices, duties and responsibilities of the Judicial Branch

Judicial Branch

AH8:2-5 explain how checks and balances works and why it is important

Checks and Balances
Checks and Balances Activity

AH8:2-6 identify the rights given to citizens through the Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights
Bill of Rights Game

AH8:2-7 explain the differences between the rights and responsibilities of US citizens

Citizens Rights and Responsibilities
Seize The Vote (Game)
National Mock Election
Elections (Game)

AH8:2-8 explain the role of state governments within the United States

Role of State Governments

AH8:2-9 describe the branches of Nebraska state government and the offices within that government

Nebraska State Government
State of Nebraska

AH8:2-10 describe the different types of local government and identify the responsibilities of the different offices

Lincoln County Nebraska
City of North Platte


School House Rock Videos

Government – Kids Social Studies Videos

Democracy – Kids Social Studies Videos

Constitution Center YouTube Channel


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