Age of Imperialism

Unit 3 Chapter 7 & 8 The Progressive Era & Rise to World Power 1877-1920 Lesson Plan

AH8:5 Students will identify the acquisition of the US during the Age of Imperialism and describe how this experience affected the politics and culture of the United States.

AH8:5-1 explain the reasons for acquiring colonies

America in the Age of Imperialism

AH8:5-2 identify the benefits and deficits of colonization

AH8:5-3 explain the reasons for the Spanish-American War

Crucible of Empire (PBS)
Spanish American War

AH8:5-4 identify the events and effects of the Spanish-American War

AH8:5-5 explain the reasons for reformers such as the Populists and Progressives and evaluate their impact on the United States

Populist Party

Women’s Suffrage (Bad Romance)


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Unit 3: Reform and Empire

In this Unit:

Chapter 7: The Progressive Era

Chapter 8: Rise to World Power