Agenda December 7-11, 2015…




9 Unit Organizer DUE

9 Vocabulary DUE pages 262, 270, 276, 282, and 286 (44 terms)

9 Notes

9.1 Rags to Riches

9.1 Practice


9 Hangman with Hints

9 Hangman without Hints

9 Jumbled Words

9 Vocabulary Activity


Make-up Work…


Trench Warfare Game

9.1 Rags to Riches

9.2 Rags to Riches

9.3 Rags to RIches

9.4 Rags to Riches

9.5 Rags to Riches

9.1 Practice

9.2 Practice

9.3 Practice

9.4 Practice

9.5 Practice


*Explain how militarism contributed to the outbreak of World War I.

*State the reasons why the U.S. entered World War I.

*Describe how the U.S. helped the Allies win World War I.

*Summarize how the U.S. mobilized its resources to fight the war.

*Discuss why Wilson’s peace plan failed.

World War I Activities

Over the Top (Canadian Perspective)

WWI Penalty Shootout

WWI Duck Shoot

WWI Walk the Plank

WWI Hangman

WWI Word Search

WWI Peace Treaties Fling the Teacher

Trench Warfare Game

Warfare 1917

Trench Mission

The Western Front Simulation

World War When?

The Great War

Dogfight Aces

The Red Baron 1918