Agenda October 5-9, 2015…


5 Review

5 Study Guide (If you did not finish last Friday!!!)


5 Test

5 Notes

6 Unit Organizer


5 Test Retake

6 Unit Organizer DUE

6 Vocabulary pages 170, 178, & 184 (36 items)


6 Vocabulary DUE

6 Hangman


6 Hangman DUE

6 Hangman without Hints

6 Jumbled Words

6 Vocabulary Activities

6 CLOZE Popups

6 CLOZE Fill in the Blank

iCivics: Immigration Game


*Identify characteristics of the new wave of immigrants that arrived after 1865.

*Relate how cities changed during the late 1800s.

*Discuss ways American culture changed in the late 1800s.



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