Agenda September 28-October 2, 2015…


Case Study:  Dakota 38


Case Study:  Dakota 38


5 Notes

5.1 Rags to Riches

5.2 Rags to Riches

5.3 Rags to Riches

5.4 Rags to Riches

5.1 Practice

5.2 Practice

5.3 Practice

5.4 Practice


5 Challenge Board

5 Battleship

5 Fling the Teacher


5 Study Guide


*Understand how railroad expansion affected the U.S. Economy.

*Discuss how inventions revolutionized society in the late 1800s.

*Describe how Americans built fortunes in the oil and steel industries.

*Explain why workers formed labor unions in the middle to late 1800s.

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