Agenda August 24-28, 2015…


3 Vocabulary DUE

3 Hangman

3 Vocabulary Practice (Matching, Concentration, & Word Search)


3.1 Reading

3.1 Rags to Riches

3.1 Practice


3.2 Reading

3.2 Rags to Riches

3.2 Practice


3.3 Reading

3.3 Rags to Riches

3.3 Practice


3.4 Reading

3.4 Rags to Riches

3.4 Practice

3 CLOZE Popups

3 CLOZE Fill in the Blank

3 Notes

3 Study Guide


*Determine how did plans to unify the nation differed after the Civil War.

*Explain the results of Radical Reconstruction.

*Analyze the ways government in the Southern states changed during Reconstruction.

*Describe how the South changed politically, economically, and socially when Reconstruction ended.


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