Agenda April 27-May 1, 2015…


16 Hangman & Rags to Riches DUE

16 Hangman with Hints

16.1 Rags to Riches

16.2 Rags to Riches

16.3 Rags to Riches

16.1 Practice

16.2 Practice

16.3 Practice

16 CLOZE Popups

16 CLOZE Fill in the Blank

16 Challenge Board

16 Battleship

16 Fling the Teacher

16 Hangman without Hints

16 Jumbled Words


Watergate Video/Video Guide


16 Notes

16 Study Guide


16 Study Guide


16 Test

17 Unit Organizer

17 Vocabulary pages 528, 534, 540, 548, & 558 (53 items)


*Explain how Nixon worked to achieve foreign policy goals.

*List Nixon’s major domestic challenges in the 1970s.

*Explain how Carter dealt with foreign affairs issues.

*Quarterly Reading Assignment DUE SOON:  Read 1 social studies themed book per quarter (4 total for the year!).  Create a KWL, or Book Review, to complete the assignment.  This assignment is DUE MONDAY MAY 11th…

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