Agenda March 16-20, 2015…


No School (PLC Day)


14 Hangman

14 Notes

CORE 1 QUIA Activities

CORE 2 QUIA Activities

CORE 3 QUIA Activities

CORE 4 QUIA Activities


Eyes on the Prize:  Fighting Back


Freedom Riders


District Formative Assessment

14 Hangman DUE

14.1 Rags to Riches

14.2 Rags to Riches

14.3 Rags to Riches

14.4 Rags to Riches

14 Challenge Board

14 Battleship

14 Fling the Teacher

14 Study Guide Challenge (Bonus Points if you complete this with accuracy…)


*Describe the legal and social challenges to racial segregation in the 1940s and 1950s.

*Compare and contrast the presidencies of Kennedy and Johnson.

*Discuss the areas of civil rights that groups tried to improve in the 1960s and the methods those groups used.

*Trace the effects of the civil rights movement on minorities other than African Americans.