Agenda March 9-13, 2015…


13 Study Guide Short Version

13 Notes


13 Test

If you score below 78% on the test, go back and do the 13 Study Guide Short Version before you start the 14 Unit Organizer.  Test re-takes will be Thursday…

14 Unit Organizer


14 Unit Organizer DUE

14 Vocabulary pages 432, 438, 442, & 452 (42 items)


14 Vocabulary DUE

14 Hangman with Hints

14 CLOZE Popups

14 CLOZE Fill in the Blank

14 Hangman without Hints

14 Jumbled Words

CORE 1 QUIA Activities

CORE 2 QUIA Activities

CORE 3 QUIA Activities

CORE 4 QUIA Activities




*Explain how and why America aided European nations after World War II.

*Understand the economic, social, and political challenges that Americans faced after World War II.

*Explain how and why America involved itself in the Korean conflict of the 1950s.

*Identify how America’s prosperity in the 1950s affected the country’s economy and culture.


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