Agenda March 2-6, 2015…


Complete 13 Rags to Riches and Practices

13 Notes

CORE 1 QUIA Activities

CORE 2 QUIA Activities

CORE 3 QUIA Activities

CORE 4 QUIA Activities


The Atomic Café Part 1


The Atomic Café Part 2


13 Practices DUE

13.1 Practice

13.2 Practice

13.3 Practice

13.4 Practice

13 Challenge Board

13 Battleship

13 Fling the Teacher

Cold War TIc Tac Toe


13 Study Guide

13 Hangman without Hints

13 Jumbled Words

*Quarterly Reading Assignment DUE:  Read 1 social studies themed book per quarter (4 total for the year!).  Create a KWL, or Book Review, to complete the assignment.  This assignment is DUE NEXT FRIDAY…You CAN use your Holocaust Literacy book – I suggest doing a Book Review on it…

End of 3rd Term ALL MAKE-UP WORK DUE


*Explain how and why America aided European nations after World War II.

*Understand the economic, social, and political challenges that Americans faced after World War II.

*Explain how and why America involved itself in the Korean conflict of the 1950s.

*Identify how America’s prosperity in the 1950s affected the country’s economy and culture.