Agenda February 23-27, 2015…


Chapter 12 Notes

12 Study Guide DUE

CORE 1 QUIA Activities

CORE 2 QUIA Activities

CORE 3 QUIA Activities

CORE 4 QUIA Activities


12 Test

Chapter 12 Notes

13 Unit Organizer


13 Vocabulary pages 400, 408, 414, & 418 (34 items)


13 Hangman with Hints

13 Notes

13 Rags to Riches Section 1

13 Rags to Riches Section 2

13 Rags to Riches Section 3

13 Rags to Riches Section 4

13 Challenge Board

13 Battleship

Chapter 13 Practices & Fling the Teacher

13.1 Practice

13.2 Practice

13.3 Practice

13.4 Practice

Fling the Teacher


13 Hangman with Hints DUE

13 Rags to Riches (see Thursday links…)

*Quarterly Reading Assignment:  Read 1 social studies themed book per quarter (4 total for the year!).  Create a KWL, or Book Review, to complete the assignment.  This assignment is DUE NEXT FRIDAY…You CAN use your Holocaust Literacy book – I suggest doing a Book Review on it…


*Explain how and why America aided European nations after World War II.

*Understand the economic, social, and political challenges that Americans faced after World War II.

*Explain how and why America involved itself in the Korean conflict of the 1950s.

*Identify how America’s prosperity in the 1950s affected the country’s economy and culture.