Agenda January 5-9, 2015…


*Understand how prejudice and labor strife affected the nation after World War I.

*Discuss how the election of Harding and Coolidge reflected America’s changing mood.

*Explain how new technology and forms of transportation changed American life.

*Describe how social change affected the arts, the role of women, and minorities.


No School…


Chapter 10 Notes

CORE 1 Chapter 10 Activities

CORE 2 Chapter 10 Activities

CORE 3 Chapter 10 Activities

CORE 4 Chapter 10 Activities

10.1 Practice

10.2 Practice

10.3 Practice

10.4 Practice

10 Fling the Teacher

*Extra Credit QUIA Activities:  CLOZE, JAVA GAMES, HANGMAN WITHOUT HINTS, & JUMBLED WORDS – (Show me when you finish each…)


10 Study Guide


10 Study Guide


10 Test

11 Unit Organizer

11 Vocabulary pages 330, 336, 344, & 352 (36 items)

CORE 1 Chapter 11 Activities

CORE 2 Chapter 11 Activities

CORE 3 Chapter 11 Activities

CORE 4 Chapter 11 Activities

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