Agenda September 29 – October 3, 2014…


6 Study Guide New


6 Notes

6 Test

7 Unit Organizer

7 Vocabulary pages 200, 208, 214, & 220 (37 items)


Target:  Identify the headings of the chapter to introduce yourself to the topics of the time period you are studying. + Identify and define the content & academic vocabulary and the key events and people of the time period you are studying.

7 Unit Organizer & 7 Vocabulary DUE


Unit 2 Projects (Old West/Invention/Industry/Immigrants Ads)

Target:  Represent the time period by creating an advertisement on either of the following topics:  Old West/Invention/Industry/Immigrants…

Unit 2 Advertisement Activity Instructions


Unit 2 Projects DUE

*Social Studies fiction or non-fiction books DUE next Friday (October 10th – last day of the first quarter – worth 100 points!!!)

KWL (non-fiction)

Book Review (fiction)

The Progressive Era Vocabulary Activities

The Progressive Era Cloze Reading Activity Popups

The Progressive Era Cloze Reading Activity Fill in the Blank

Voting Rights for Women Interactive Map

Progressive Era Women (Game)

Progressive Era “Fling the Teacher” Game

Progressive Era “Walk the Plank” Game

Progressive Era “Penalty Shootout” Game

The Progressive Era ID Game