Agenda September 22-26, 2014…


6 Unit Organizer & Vocab DUE (Vocab pgs. 170, 178, & 184 – 36 items)

6 Vocabulary Activities (if assigned to you…)

6 Practices


6 Practices


District Formative Assessments

Chapter 4 Formative Assessment

Chapter 5 Formative Assessment

6 Practices


Fix VFW Essays…

Essay Scorer (Fix your essay and then paste and format back into a new Google doc…***SEE BELOW)

Reminder on how to get into Essay Scorer:  To Login –> ID= ID # Password= 1st initial 1st name 1st initial last name birthdate (ex. nh111465) – add 0 (zero) to single numbers –> ex. Jan.= 01; born on the 4th day= 04; & year will be 00 or 01 –> aa010400

***In Google name your new document lastnamefirstnamecorevfwnew – example:  hokansonneilcore1vfwnew


Immigrant Song

6 Notes

6.1 Practice

6.2 Practice

6.3 Practice

6 Study Guide

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