Agenda September 15-19, 2014…





VFW Essay Prewrite


Idea Diagram DUE

VFW Essay

Login to Google account then go to Google Drive –> Create a Document

Change “Untitled Document” to core#, last name, first name, vfw (ex. core1hokansonneilvfw)

Share the document with me (type in Hok and choose me –> Send –> Done)


VFW Essay Rough Draft

When finished with your rough draft use the following:
Editing Tools
Spell Check
Read Aloud (read it out loud to yourself to catch errors)
Peer Edit (have another student read your essay and use their suggestions) (word choice) (copy & paste text –> create –> big words most used)
Essay Scorer (grammar, spelling, etc.) To Login –> ID= ID # Password= 1st initial 1st name 1st initial last name birthdate (ex. nh111465) – add 0 (zero) to single numbers –> ex. Jan.= 01; born on the 4th day= 04; & year will be 00 or 01 –> aa010400


VFW Essay Final Draft will be in Essay Scorer

Once you finish your final draft work on 6 Unit Organizer and 6 Vocabulary or start on Chapter 6 Practices after unit organizer and vocabulary are complete…

6 Unit Organizer

6 Vocabulary pages 170, 178, & 184 (36 items)

6.1 Practice

6.2 Practice

6.3 Practice