Agenda December 16-20, 2013…


9 Notes

9 Study Guide

World War I Challenge Board (If you finish the Study Guide!!!)


9 Test

9 Notes

After the test begin 10 Vocabulary…


10 Vocabulary pages 302, 308, 312, & 316 (33 items)

The Jazz Age Vocabulary Activities

The Jazz Age Battleship Activity

The Jazz Age Cloze Reading Activity Popups

The Jazz Age Cloze Reading Activity Fill in the Blank


10 Vocabulary DUE

10.1 Practice

10.2 Practice

10.3 Practice

10.4 Practice


KWL or Book Review DUE

KWL (non-fiction)

Book Review (fiction)

All work DUE

End of the 2nd Quarter and 1st Semester! We are half-way through the school year!!!

80 hours left…

See you next year…2014