Agenda August 19-23, 2013…


Geography and Map Skills Review

Textbook Checkout (Online Textbook Link: – type in the code from the inside front of your textbook to gain access)


Social Studies Skills Review

Introduction to the Constitution (Preamble)


Government Unit

Preamble Practice


Government Unit

3 Branches of Government Game

Checks and Balances Game

Could you pass a U.S. Citizenship Test?

Branches of Power Activity

Preamble Practice


Government Practice

Bill of Rights Game

Do I Have a Right? (Bill of Rights iCivics)

Preamble Quiz


Our Government

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government

The Duties of the 3 Branches of Government

Citizenship Handbook

History Skills Handbook

Geography and Map Skills

Government Study Guide A

Government Study Guide B

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