Agenda February 11-15, 2013


Monday:  Chapter 12 Vocabulary DUE pages 362, 366, 372, 378, & 386 (52 terms)

Chapter 11 Test (Retake)

Chapter 12 America and Word War II

America and Word War II Vocabulary Flashcards

America and Word War II Vocabulary Activities

America and Word War II Cloze Reading Activity Popups

America and Word War II Cloze Reading Activity Fill in the Blank

Tuesday: WW II

Science & Technology of WW II

Section 1 Guided Reading

Section 1 Notes

Section 1 Study Guide

Wednesday:  WW II

Nazi Propaganda

World War II Posters

Power of Persuasion WW II Poster Art

Section 2 Guided Reading

Section 2 Notes

Section 2 Study Guide

Thursday:  WW II

Nazi Genocide

Section 3 Guided Reading

Section 3 Notes

Section 3 Study Guide

Friday:  WW II

Who do you know (WWII Activity)?
-Over the weekend ask family members, family friends, or neighbors for stories about someone that lived or fought in the war during WWII.  We will gather and document the stories next week…

Section 4 Guided Reading

Section 4 Notes

Section 4 Study Guide

Section 5 Guided Reading

Section 5 Notes

Section 5 Study Guide

The American Journey Modern Times © 2009

Chapter 12: America and World War II

By clicking on the links below, students can read a summary of the chapter, learn more about a chapter-related topic by completing a web-based activity, take a ten-question quiz to test their knowledge of the chapter, have fun and challenge themselves with a puzzle or game based on the chapter content, and quiz themselves or fellow students using eFlashcards for chapter-specific academic vocabulary, glossary terms, and people, places, and events.

Chapter Overviews

Student Web Activities

Self-Check Quizzes

ePuzzles and Games

Vocabulary eFlashcards

In Motion Animations

Interactive Graphic Organizers

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