Agenda December 10-14, 2012

Monday:  Finish and practice WW I presentations

Tuesday:  WW I Presentations

Wednesday:  WW I Presentations

Thursday: WW I Presentations

Friday: WW I Presentations; Chapter 9 Practice

World War One Research Presentation

Students have the opportunity to research a topic (battle, person, technology, etc.) from World War One and present it to the class.  Ultimately, the project will be placed online and shared with the world via the Internet.

Upon “drawing” a topic “from a hat” you will begin researching the topic for information on the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” concerning the topic.

Utilize Microsoft PowerPoint to create a 6 slide, at least, presentation about your topic including at least one picture or map (2 of your slides will include a “Title” slide and a “Reference” slide).  Keep track of where you get your information and images and source or cite it on the “Reference” slide (The “Reference” slide will be your final slide – the “Title” slide will be your first slide).

Oral Presentation Rubric

Social Studies Books DUE December 19th!!!

Students are required to read one social studies fiction or non-fiction book each quarter.  If you complete a ficition book you can complete a book review or video book trailer; if you complete a non-ficition book you can complete a KWL, book review or video book trailer.

2nd Quarter ends December 20th 2012!!!

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