Agenda October 8-12, 2012

Monday:  Chapter 5 Vocabulary DUE (content & academic vocab pages 142, 146, 152, & 160 – 28 terms), Chapter 5 Notes (The Industrial Age)

Tuesday:  Chapter 5 Notes

Wednesday:  Chapter 5 Notes

Thursday:  Chapter 5 Review, Social Studies library book assignments DUE (KWL, Book Review, or Video Book Trailer), END OF THE FIRST QUARTER!!!

Chapter 5 The Industrial Age

The Industrial Age Vocabulary Flashcards

The Industrial Age Vocabulary Activities

The Industrial Age Cloze Reading Activity Popups

The Industrial Age Cloze Reading Activity Fill in the Blank

Formative Assessment A

Formative Assessment B

Formative Assessment C

Self Check Quiz Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Study Guide

Friday:  NO SCHOOL