Agenda September 24-28, 2012

Monday:  The Way West

Essential Questions:

What were the causes and effects of mining booms in the West?

How did cattle ranchers and farmers adapt to life in the West?

How did westward expansion affect Native Americans?

Why did economic reform movements develop in the late 1800s?

Tuesday:  The Way West

Wednesday:  Chapter 4 Notes

Thursday:  Chapter 4 Notes

Friday:  Chapter 4 Review, VFW Essay re-edits…

Agenda September 17-21, 2012

Monday:  VFW Essay, Idea Diagram

Tuesday:  VFW Essay Rough Draft

Wednesday:  VFW Essay Rough Draft (Peer/Parent Edits)

Thursday:  VFW Essay Final Drafts

Friday:  VFW Essay Final Drafts DUE

Reading Requirement for the class:

1 book per quarter (4 total for the school year), historical fiction or non-fiction

Non-fiction you can create a KWL, Book Review, or Book Trailer

Fiction create a Book Review or Book Trailer (trailer example)